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This is a fun, interactive toy that both parents and children will love. Reward your children for good behavior, good grades, chores, good habits, or anything you can think of! The possibilities are endless, and will help you instill values and a work/reward achievement pattern in your children as they grow.

The Great Reward Remote is a modern version of a reward chart, with an interactive wall placard where children can track their progress towards a fun reward! The electronic ‘remote’ buttons light up, have voice recordings, and allow children to choose 10 different reward types once point goals are met.

Parents decide the achievements/goals that earn points, and discuss these with the child/children in advance. At 5 points or 10 points, your child gets to pick a good reward, or a great reward! It is up to the child if they want to get a good reward right away, or to keep going for a great reward. Once a reward has been chosen, the slide counter goes back to zero and the process starts again.

Watch our video on the Home page.

Replaces paper chore charts that add clutter and are cumbersome to use

Parents love their children's enthusiasm, and children love being in control of their rewards

Fun and interactive voice recordings


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