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Here at The Great Reward Remote we wanted to reinvent the reward chart and to focus on positive reinforcement. Put the power in your child's hands to improve their behavior and earn rewards that they love. Track and reward good behavior, habit, chores and grades!

Our fun, new invention is suitable as:

A family reward chart.

A reward chart for 3 year olds.

A reward chart for 4 year olds.

A reward chart for 5 year olds.

A reward chart for 6 year olds.

A reward chart for 7 year olds.

A reward chart for 8 year olds.

Change your child's mentality towards their chores. Instill values and a work/reward achievement pattern in your children as they grow. 

Award points for good behavior and unlock Good and Great rewards - including a Kids Choice where your child can make up their own reward.  

Replaces paper chore charts that add clutter and are cumbersome to use

Parents love their children's enthusiasm, and children love being in control of their rewards

Fun and interactive voice recordings


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