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"I can’t say enough about how much this controller/point system has helped my family!! We have a 6 and a 3 year old and felt like we were always fighting when it came to screen time and treats. Since the controller/ point system, they know exactly what they need to do in order to earn screen time/treats/ other fun activities. The 3 year old completely understands it too, and they are ecstatic when they get to hit that reward on the remote that they earned! Just wanted to take a moment to give some kudos for a great product!!"

Katie R

"This has been a life-saver. Behavior has improved so much since we discovered this cool new type of reward chart at a friends' house. What's even better is that my 4 year old loves it! What I’ve always needed, but didn’t realize it!"

Jess C
Rhode Island

"A Game-Changer in Positive Parenting! I recently discovered this most ingenious tool to encourage positive behavior in my children. The flexibility of the system ensures that each of our boys can be motivated in a way that resonates with them. I especially appreciate the range of behaviors the device acknowledges, from helping with chores to excelling at school or simply being polite. It's a comprehensive approach that fosters well-rounded development. Gone are the days of constant reminders and negotiations – now, it's all about celebrating the good moments and achievements. As a parent, it's incredibly satisfying to see our child's enthusiasm for earning those well-deserved points". .

Dan G

"My son has learning difficulties and we had been looking for a chore chart that focused on positive reinforcement. We love this product. This is a great innovative way to encourage a young child. Very appreciative and thankful. Thank you! Good luck!!"

Sean M

“My 3 year old daughter loves it and it has helped with her behavior, as she competes with her family on the chart! Her cousins will be getting one soon!”

Justin S
Raleigh, NC

"Fun product. My daughter likes playing with the talking buttons and choosing her reward. A fun spin on the reward chart! Well done!"

Rachel A

"How cute! And useful. I bought one of these for my own children and quickly bought two more for my nieces and nephews. If you're tired of nagging your kids to do what you ask, then this is for you. With rewards as their goal, getting them to do what you ask is much much easier - everyone's a winner".

Emma F

"5 stars. Easy to use, a well made product, my kids intuitively understood what was required to start earning their treats and rewards. It has brought some needed order to our daily routine".

Frank B
Long Beach, CA


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